Young Adult is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of New Girl, the 134th episode overall.


When Jess worries that she may not be a cool enough principal, she recruits Nick and "The Pepperwood Chronicles" to help make her popular with the students. Meanwhile, Schmidt hires an eager and overly-aggressive new assistant and Winston realizes that Furguson may be two-timing him.



Guest Starring

  • Asif Ali as Jeremy
  • Mary Holland as Gil
  • Olivia Rodrigo as Terrinea


  • Saylor Bell as Ramona
  • Makayla Lysiak as Gertie
  • Kevin Patrick Doherty as Ken

Recurring Themes

  • The Pepperwood Chronicles has sold over 30 copies, the number that Nick and Jess made in "Glue".
  • Winston is drinking from Jess and Nick's sex mug in his office.


Notes & Trivia

  • Winston eventually agrees to share Furguson with Gil.


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