"Baby, look, I don't want space, okay? I don't want anyone to have space. I want to be standing right in front of you. I want the air that you breathe to be the air coming directly from out of my mouth. I want to be just passing air back and forth between each other until it's mostly carbon dioxide and then we both pass out and die." -Winston to Shelby

Winston Bishop is a main character on the TV show New Girl. Being a former roommate who returned shortly after Coach left, Winston finally comes back from playing basketball in Latvia for two years, completely unaware of anything that has happened in the U.S.A in the past two years.  He is a fast learner according to himself which he explains is how he plays the bells so well.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Winston played basketball in Latvia for two years.
  • He's from Chicago.
  • He grew up with Nick Miller.
  • Schmidt said that he's the third smartest in the apartment (after Schmidt and Jess).
  • He usually shows the most common sense of the bunch.
  • Hilariously sings Wicked songs.
  • Believes that both werewolves and Santa Claus are real.
  • He is afraid of the dark.
  • The only main character to not appear on the episode Pilot 
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