What About Fred is the 2nd episode of the fifth season of New Girl, the 96th episode overall.


Jess jumps back into the dating pool, but her attempt lands her a dud, and things get complicated when she falls in love with his perfect parents. Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt have very different ideas about how to run the bar.



Guest Starring

  • Nasim Pedrad as Aly Nelson
  • Taran Killam as Fred
  • Thom Rivera as Javier
  • Julie Hagerty as Nancy
  • Henry Winkler as Flip


  • Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Big Bob
  • Alexandre Chen as Notary (Man)

Recurring Themes


Notes & Trivia

  • This episode aired ten days after the previous episode Big Mama P, but Jess has already recovered from her injuries from falling down the stairs at the party venue, implying that the time between episodes is not real-time.
  • Julie Hagerty (Nancy) starred in the 1991 film What About Bob? where this episode's name comes from.
    • She also appeared in the show Happy Endings, starring Damon Wayans Jr. (Coach), as his character's mother-in-law.


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