• I feel pretty dumb, but I can't figure out how to create new categories. I've been wanting to organize some of the minor characters into this cat for weeks now but I officially give up and need help! I saw that Brey (who awesomely manages the wiki thus far!) added and Winston Bishop Romances cat the other day, we've got a Jess Day Romances one, but it doesn't look like we have one for Nick Miller or Schmidt!

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    • Whoops, log in first. It's me, S2S, who posted this question!

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    • We also don't have a Cece Parekh Romances category, and I think we should!

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    • Thank you S2! You're right, we definitely need those romance categories. I've just been organizing categories/adding as I come to them. It's easy to add, here's an example for Cece's romances:

      Go edit the Schmidt page, and type in 'Cece Parekh Romances' then publish. Click on that link, which the page will look exactly like a category page, but the 'edit' button will say 'create'. Just click on that and go from there! I was doing this before I became admin, so it should definitely work, but let me know just in case.

      You can see here, there are many pages in the Performers category, however has not been created. I'll leave it for you to create :). You can also see on the special pages (hopefully you can view this) what other categories and pages are needed.

      The create page looks just like an edit page. Also, when I create these sub categories, I'm also adding them to the top-level 'Character' category. That, and I add the 'category' template but you don't have to.

      Have fun!

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