The Last Wedding is the 1st episode of the fourth season of New Girl, the 73rd episode overall and season premiere.


The gang attends yet another wedding that they have been to this summer. While there, Jess competes with Kat (Jessica Biel), an overachieving scientist for the affection of Ted (Reid Scott), the best man at the wedding. Schmidt tries to convince Nick to take part in a foursome with two other women.


The gang is invited to a wedding, and is the last wedding of the summer, but as the episode starts Jess is telling Schmidt that she can't go to another wedding, they have spent the whole summer going from wedding to wedding and she's tired. Schmidt tries to convince her and Nick to go out and meet new people. Finally Schmidt got them to go to the wedding and after revealing that Coach was a success on wedding's dating he also goes with them and Winston, who is tired from police academy will go too.

At the wedding, Jess tries to find someone to go with, and she put her eyes on the wedding's best man, Ted (guest starring Reid Scott) wich seem to be the greatest guy in there. Winston and Coach give Jess advices and then Coach runs with a waitress who he had sex with and doesn't remember. When she plans on make a move on him, a scientist girl named Kat (Jessica Biel) plans on hit on him too.

Schmidt also meet two beautiful woman and ask Nick to make a foursome with them, and even after nick reject his idea, Schmidt tries to don't think about Cece as she is there. Nick tries to convince Schmidt that is a bad idea by telling him that she's been dating his boyfriend all the summer long.

Jess tell the gang that she can't compete with her because she's hot and smart, but the guys tell her to dance with him and try to seduce him. When she starts Kat appears and make the possible for get him away from Jess. After that, Ted goes to the bathroom and both, Jess and Kat follow him, but when jess tries to talk to him in the men's room Kat close the door for outside and then Jess runs into Ted and can't explain what happened so she goes to the bathroom cabin.

Nick talks to Cece and she admits that she broke up with Buster and then Nick try not to tell Schmidt, even accepting his foursome plan. Schmidt easily find out and ask nick what's going on, and Nick tells Schmidt that Cece is single again.

Nick goes to the bathroom and find Jess in the cabin, and he advices her that if he don't want to have sex with her he have something wrong, so Jess goes with Ted and tell him all about her, and offers to go home with her, but Kat goes and shows him a picture of her naked, so he don't know wich one he should go with. At the end of the episode, as Ted doesn't have decided yet, both girls reject him.

At the end of the episode the gang find out that they have another wedding the next week, but they break all the cards of the weddings they have went to, including next week's one.



Guest Starring


  • Ciara Hanna as Karli
  • Medalion Rahimi as Stacey
  • Roz Witt as Older Wedding Guest
  • Jasmin Jaye as Bartender
  • Kelsey Formost as Hot Photographer
  • Elisse Nielson as Hot Angry Girl

Featured Music

  • Bleachers - "I Wanna Get Better"



Recurring Themes


Notes & Trivia


  • In this episode the six main characters are single.
  • The title episode is "The last wedding" because is supposed to be the last wedding of the summer, but at the end of the episode the gang find out that there was still a wedding they were invited to.
  • During this episode is told that Cece spent all the summer in Australia, and in some point she and her boyfriend Buster broke up.
  • The guys spent all the summer going to weddings and is told that the last person who Jess kiss was Nick, four months before this episode, so its known that she hasn't dated anyone since Nick and her broke up.
  • The gang are invited to a wedding for three people.


  • This episode was watched by 3.04 millions of viewers. [1]


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