The Hike is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of New Girl, the 130th episode overall.


While on a day hike, Jess and Robby discover something unexpected about their relationship. Also, Winston throws a surprise welcome home party for Aly.



Guest Starring


  • David Caprita as Aly's Dad
  • Maria Cominis as Aly's Mom
  • Rob Rosell as Cop #1 (Jenkins)
  • Nina Naybei as Aunt Karen

Recurring Themes

  • Schmidt and Cece's house is mostly done ("party rooms are all functional") except for the master bedroom which had been used as a trash area.
  • Schmidt and Cece's house doorbell is "La Cucaracha" as suggested by Cece in "Jaipur Aviv"


  • Robby: Hey, Robert Frost, looks like we’re going to take the road Jess traveled.
  • Winston: Maybe things didn't go perfectly, but damn it, don't be embarrassed to be crazy in front of me. Okay? I am the king of crazy. (chuckles) I have inside jokes with my cat. I am a member of the Puzzling Guild of North America. I shave my face cold, and I brush my teeth hot. It's true. On one very late and very desperate night, I used Furguson's cat box as my own box. And, yes, it is true what many of you have heard. I once fell asleep in a bathtub!
  • Aly (laughing): I love that story.
  • Police: (knocking) Open up. Police!
  • Schmidt: Who-who called the police? I don't know. I guess we better do whatever they say.
  • Nick: Ugh. Why are you guys acting like you're in a porno?

Notes & Trivia

  • Robby has a great uncle Shep Wallingford. Jess has Wallingford relatives near Boston. Robby's Wallingford relatives are from Newburyport. When Robby reveals that his relatives were known for making women's watches, Jess says the same, and when they both recite the Wallingford jingle, they realize they are related. They both have an uncle Tony. Jess then says they are third cousins.
  • Robby and Jess share the same eyeglasses prescription.
  • Winston calls Aly "Lefty" because she is left-footed.
  • When Winston shares some of his quirks in front of Aly's family, Aly is the only one that is laughing.


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