Shivrang is a recurring character on Season 2 of FOX comedy New Girl. He is portrayed by Satya Bhabha.


Shivrang is Cece's fiancé in Season 2. They were set up on a date, and later agreed to an arranged marriage. They canceled the wedding halfway through the ceremony, as they were both in love with other people.

Series arc

Shivrang was first introduced on a movie date with Cece, which at the end of the movie he was crying. He mentioned his desire for children, something Cece was also looking for. Because Jess was alone in the loft and scared, Cece found numerous missed calls and text messages on her phone. Shivrang naturally thought this was Cece's way of ending an unsuccessful date, however she asked him to come along to prove this was not the case. In the loft, Schmidt is attempting to win over Holly and uses the story that Cece is still in love with him. He convinces Cece to back him up, which costs her a second date with Shivrang, who admits "This is the most elaborate way to get out of a date."

Cece ends up calling him later for a second chance. They are in her apartment getting to know each other, when Winston barges in asking for a condom. The situation gets awkward, with Shivrang mentioning "this is worse than the first time."

Somehow, Shivrang gets past it. In TinFinity, he finds out that the mothers have met and grant their approval of an arranged marriage.  He asks Cece if she 'wants to do this thing' as his way of proposing, which she was expecting something more romantic and declines. He makes a speech at Nick and Schmidt's 10 year anniversary party, which the DJ cues music, lighting, and party poppers. He ends with his proposal to Cece, still asking if she 'wants to do this thing' to which she now replies with a 'yes'.


  • He is a chemical engineer.
  • His first love is Elaine, who he didn't intially marry because of their conflicting cultures.


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