Secrets is the 19th episode of Season 1 on FOX comedy New Girl.


Winston spills the beans about Schmidt and Cece's relationship and the news finally spreads to Jess who does not take it well. Jess decides the roommates should be free with their secrets and gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Nick goes to Schmidt for dating advice.



Guest Starring


  • Sasha Neboga as Masha
  • Rebecca Reid as Nadia
  • Sophie Kargman as Lindsey
  • Rakefet Abergnel as Claire
  • Jessica Blair Herman as Lena
  • David Wain as Male Race Participant
  • Zandy Hartig as Female Race Participant
  • Brenda Koo as Willow
  • Maitland McConnell as Megan
  • Bob Rumnock as Event Organizer


  • Jess finds out all of her roommates have dreamt about having sex with her and she gets upset for a while and she wears this creepy mask and winter jacket so nobody will she her in a sexual light.

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