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Season 4 of New Girl aired on FOX from 16 September 2014 to 5 May 2015.


The fourth season focuses on Jess and Nick's friendship in the wake of their break up, Schmidt and Cece's friendship after the dismissal of Buster, Winston's journey towards becoming a cop, and Coach's growth as a teacher. This season features Ryan, a handsome teacher that replaces Jess in her old teaching position, and for whom Jess ends up having romantic feelings.


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No. in Series No. in Season Title Air Date Production code U.S. viewers
73 1 The Last Wedding September 16, 2014 4ATM01 3.04
The gang attends yet another wedding that they have been to this summer. While there, Jess competes with Kat, an overachieving scientist for the affection of Ted, the best man at the wedding. Schmidt tries to convince Nick to take part in a foursome with two other women.
74 2 Dice September 23, 2014 4ATM02 2.35
Schmidt tutors Jess in the not-so-fine-art of dating via mobile apps. Meanwhile, Winston is desperate to make a good impression on his fellow police cadets, which backfires when Nick, Coach and Cece show up at a party thrown by fellow officers.[1]
75 3 Julie Berkman's Older Sister September 30, 2014 4ATM03 2.37
Jess' dad arrives with his new girlfriend, who happened to be Jess and Cece's high-school rival. Meanwhile, Schmidt recruits the guys to be part of a focus group at work to help him land a big new account.[2]
76 4 Micro October 7, 2014 4ATM04 2.61
To prove that girls aren't shallow, Jess goes out on a date with a guy whose shortcomings fall way below the belt. Meanwhile, Winston and Cece pit Schmidt and Coach against each other, while convincing them they could be male models.[3]
77 5 Landline October 14, 2014 4ATM05 2.26
When Coach's liaison with the school nurse gets messy, vice principal Jess must enforce a new, "no fraternization" policy among the teachers. But the tables soon get turned when she finds herself attracted to the hot new science teacher. Meanwhile, Nick is enjoying being Schmidt and Winston's secretary, after the loft gets a new home phone.[4]
78 6 Background Check November 4, 2014 4ATM06 3.38
As part of Winston's police academy training, the loft must pass a home visit and background check, which shouldn't be a problem until Jess admits she might be hiding illegal substances in her closet.[5]
79 7 Goldmine November 11, 2014 4ATM07 3.04
Nick pretends to be gay to make his status as Jess' "ex" less of an issue to her new beau. To Coach's annoyance, Winston works his "Long Game" on their attractive neighbors, Michelle and Viv. Meanwhile, Schmidt panics when Cece considers having a breast reduction.[6]
80 8 Teachers November 18, 2014 4ATM08 2.83
Jess, Coach and Ryan attend a teachers' conference, led by education guru Brenda Brown. Back at the loft, Nick, Schmidt and Winston try to have a wild weekend while Jess is out of town.[7]
81 9 Thanksgiving IV November 25, 2014 4ATM09 2.77
With winter coming and everyone still single, Schmidt initiates a "Bangs-giving"-themed Thanksgiving dinner party, to which everyone must bring someone compatible for someone else.[8]
82 10 Girl Fight December 2, 2014 4ATM10 3.00
Schmidt quickly regrets trying to understand the politics of a girl fight when one breaks out between Jess and Cece. Meanwhile, Nick goes on a date with Tran's granddaughter, whom Winston believes is hiding a secret.[9]
83 11 LAXmas December 9, 2014 4ATM11 3.28
As the gang prepares to depart for the holidays, they quickly find they may be home alone when they are all trapped at the airport.[10]
84 12 Shark January 6, 2015 4ATM12 3.19
After Winston graduates from the Police Academy, Nick and Coach worry when they see his new training officer. Meanwhile, Jess uses Schmidt to try and influence a councilwoman to stop the night construction taking place outside the loft.[11]
85 13 Coming Out January 13, 2015 4ATM13 2.90
Jess struggles not to show favoritism to Ryan, now that they are officially a couple, which leads to a disastrous class field trip. Meanwhile, Schmidt gets an ulcer and Winston becomes obsessed with wearing a crystal.[12]
86 14 Swuit February 3, 2015 4ATM14 2.96
Jess tries to mediate when Nick and Schmidt continually clash concerning business ideas that they plan on presenting to investor Lori Greiner. Cece is unable to pay for her college tuition, so Coach and Winston "invest" in her by giving her money and hovering over her to pick better and much easier college courses.[13]
87 15 The Crawl February 10, 2015 4ATM15 2.71
After Kai breaks up with him, Nick has the gang take part in a bar crawl on Valentine's Day. While struggling to find a new job at another school, Ryan Geauxinue asks Jess to move in with him. Schmidt and Fawn Moscato are now dating, and she is more concerned with impressing her fellow colleagues, leaving Schmidt to emotionally reconnect with Cece. Coach tries to hook up with May (Meaghan Rath), a woman also taking part in a bar crawl of her own and has similar interests as him.[14]
88 16 Oregon February 17, 2015 4ATM16 3.11
The gang travels to Jess' old hometown of Oregon for Bob's wedding to Ashley. Ryan Geauxinue fails to show up for the trip to Oregon, with Jess beginning to feel that continuing her long distance relationship with him was a mistake. Cece gets flustered trying to talk to an old high school crush.[15]
89 17 Spiderhunt February 24, 2015 4ATM17 2.85
Schmidt's arachnophobia causes the gang to hunt for a spider loose in the loft. Cece is reluctant to tell Jess about her feelings for Schmidt. Nick cooks his infamous sauce. Coach has a hard time typing an e-mail to send to May, asking her out on a date.[16]
90 18 Walk of Shame March 3, 2015 4ATM18 2.53
Jess and Cece end up taking the walk of shame, in Jess's case she spends the night with Bearclaw (Josh Gad). Coach is embarrassed to invite Nick and Winston to an art exhibit where May, who is a cellist will be performing.[17]
91 19 The Right Thing March 24, 2015 4ATM19 2.32
Jess feels obligated to attend the memorial of Pete, a guy she only dated twice, only to find out later that the memorial is being conducted by the Pete's girlfriend Val. Pete was also a sports agent, with one of his clients being J. J. Watt, who Coach becomes starstruck over. Nick and Schmidt want to become part owners of Mike's bar, but in order to come up with the money, Schmidt asks his mother Louise for his long-awaited Bar Mitzvah money. Winston wants hang out socially with Val, however she is not interested.
92 20 Par 5 March 31, 2015 4ATM20 2.14
Jess accompanies Fawn Moscato to a female charity golf tournament, so Jess can network with politicians to get new computers for her school. Winston falls for KC (Kiersey Clemons), an activist who is not too fond of the police, so Winston hides the fact that he is a police officer. With Cece's help, Schmidt put on bronzer, to not look too pale when he is out with Fawn.
93 21 Panty Gate April 28, 2015 4ATM21 2.07
Coach and May decide to break up after May gets a job offer in New York, but the decision effects them both emotionally, with Jess trying to fix things between them. Schmidt agrees to be by Fawn Moscato's side after an embarrassing mishap. A book inspires Cece to take chances.
94 22 Clean Break May 5, 2015 4ATM22 2.22
Coach prepares to move to New York to live with May and refuses to hold on to any mementos of his time living in the loft. Jess and Nick re-evaluate their friendship. Schmidt finally gets rid his mementos of Cece, until he soon reconsiders.


  • The season was announced by Fox on March 7, 2014.

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