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|name=Season 3
|image= Promotional_season3.jpg
|tag= ""
|airdate= September 17, 2013 – May 6, 2014
|network= [[Wikipedia:Fox Broadcasting Company|Fox]]
|release= '''Region 1:''' September 2, 2014<br>'''Region 2:''' October 3, 2014<br>'''Region 3:''' September 8, 2014<br>'''Region 4:''' December 3, 2014
|previous= [[Season 2]]
|next= [[Season 4]]
*For the category see [ Season Three]
|name =
|name =
|image =
|image = Promotional_season3.jpg
|premiere = [[All In]]
|premiere = [[All In]]
|finale = [[Cruise]]
|finale = [[Cruise]]
|network = FOX
|network = FOX
|tag = ''Friends don't let friends do friends''
|tag = ''Friends don't let friends do friends''
|starring =
|starring = [[Zooey Deschanel]]<br/>[[Jake Johnson]]<br/>[[Max Greenfield]]<br/>[[Lamorne Morris]]<br/>[[Hannah Simone]]
|airdate = 17 September 2013 — 6 May 2014
|airdate = 17 September 2013 — 6 May 2014
|showrunner =
|showrunner = [[Elizabeth Meriwether]]
|episodes =
|episodes = 23
}}'''Season 3''' of [[New Girl]] aired on FOX from 17 September 2013 to 6 May 2014.
}}'''Season 3''' of [[New Girl]] aired on FOX from 17 September 2013 to 6 May 2014.

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Season 3 of New Girl aired on FOX from 17 September 2013 to 6 May 2014.


The third season begins right where the second left off ; Jess and Nick begin a relationship, and after spending a couple of days together, they discover that a relationship like theirs will not be easy, given they already live together. Meanwhile, Schmidt has to make a decision between Cece and Elizabeth, and, unable to choose, decides to date them both and break up with one of them until he is able to sort himself out. Winston gets a new cat, a relationship that culminates in him treating it like a woman. Schmidt tells Nick and Jess to end their relationship, attempts to sabotage it, but they eventually make peace after he moves to another loft across the hall.

Shortly after , Coach returns after his relationship ends and although Jess encounters some difficulty getting through to him, they begin a friendship. Cece and Coach date but it does not work out, and after a while Cece is able to be friends with Schmidt following her discovery of his two-timing plan. Winston has trouble figuring out what he wants to do in his life and ends up discovering that he wants to be a cop.

Jess 's sister , Abby , comes to stay in the loft and to infuriate her sister, Abby and Schmidt start dating, even though Cece tells Schmidt not trust her, Abby finishes buying Schmidt a place for his " new business " and then breaks up with Schmidt , leaving him bankrupt and having to move back into the apartment. Coach gets a job at the school where Jess works , helps Nick with a lawsuit, and Nick and Jess end their relationship.


Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day (23 episodes)
Jake Johnson as Nick Miller (23 episodes)
Max Greenfield as Schmidt (23 episodes)
Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop (23 episodes)
Hannah Simone as Cece Parekh (23 episodes)

Special Guest Stars

Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach (17/23)
Prince as Prince ("Prince")

Recurring cast

  • Curtis Armstrong as Principal Foster (formerly Dr. Foster) (5/23)
  • Jessica Chaffin as Bertie (4/23)
  • Steve Agee as Outside Dave (4/23)
  • Merritt Weaver as Elizabeth (3/23)
  • Linda Cardellini as Abby Day (3/23)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Joan (3/23)
  • Angela Kinsey as Rose (3/23)
  • June Diane Raphael as Sadie (2/23)
  • Brian Posehn as Biology Teacher (3/23)
  • Brenda Song as Daisy (2/23)
  • Rob Reiner as Bob Day ("Birthday")

Guest starring

  • Jon Lovitz as Rabbi (2/23)
  • Ben Falcone as Mike (2/23)
  • Dreama Walker as Molly ("Nerd")
  • Eva Amurri Martino as Beth ("Nerd")
  • Mark Proksch as Dan ("Nerd")
  • Alice Wetterlund as Hostess ("Double Date")
  • Riki Lindhome as Kylie ("Captain")
  • Derek Waters as Mike ("The Box")
  • Jillian Armenante as Eileen ("The Box")
  • Marty Ingels as Pickled Patron ("The Box")
  • Taye Diggs as Artie ("Coach")
  • Gillian Vigman as Kim ("Basketball")
  • Bob Gunton as Ed ("Basketball")
  • Josh Gad as Bearclaw ("Birthday")
  • Clayton Kershaw as himself ("Prince")
  • Alessandra Ambrosio as herself ("Prince")
  • Ana Beatriz Barros as herself ("Prince")
  • Lais Ribero as herself ("Prince")
  • Adam Brody as Berkley ("Exes")
  • Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Caroline ("Exes")
  • Connie Sawyer as Oldest Woman in the World ("Sister III")
  • Alexandra Daddario as Michelle ("Mars Landing")
  • Kerri Kenney-Silver as Captain Jan Nortis ("Cruise")
  • Oscar Nuñez as Doug ("Cruise")


  • The season of New Girl was announced by FOX on March 4, 2013.
  • The Complete Third Season of New Girl release on September 2, 2014 in Region 1, October 3, 2014 on Region 2, September 8, 2014 on Region 3 and December 3, 2014 on Region 4. The DVD includes the 23 episodes of the first season divided on 3 discs.



No. in Series No. in Season Title Air Date Production Code U.S. viewers
50 1 All In September 17, 2013 3ATM01 5.53
After Cece's wedding, Nick and Jess flee to Mexico for some alone time and Nick ends up in trouble with the law. Meanwhile, back home, Schmidt cannot bring himself to decide between Cece and Elizabeth and Winston has trouble putting a puzzle together.
51 2 Nerd September 24, 2013 3ATM02 4.04
With Nick's help, Jess tries to fit in with a group of cool teachers Molly, Rose and Dan (Dreama Walker, Angela Kinsey and Mark Proksch), by sneaking in to use their principal's Dr. Foster's (Curtis Armstrong) hot tub. Schmidt has to deal with both Cece and Elizabeth attending a party at his job, while he is still dating them both, while also dealing with his co-worker Beth (Eva Amurri) trying to sabotage things for him. Winston is left taking care of Daisy's (Brenda Song) cat Furguson, after deciding that he wants to date her exclusively, even though she is already sexually active with another guy.
52 3 Double Date October 1, 2013 3ATM03 3.85
Nick finds out about Schmidt dating both Cece and Elizabeth, and has a hard time keeping the secret to himself. Winston is left the responsibility of reserving a table for the gang at a restaurant.
53 4 The Captain October 8, 2013 3ATM04 3.96
Schmidt plots to break up Jess and Nick, just as they are about to celebrate dating for a whole month. Winston tries to get Furguson to have cat sex with another cat named Fatty owned by Kylie (Riki Lindhome).
54 5 The Box October 15, 2013 3ATM05 3.45
Nick becomes irresponsible with the money from his late father's estate, with Jess using the money to pay for Nick's unpaid bills, behind his back. With Nick's new fortune, Winston feels its finally time to ask Nick for the money he owes him. Still feeling guilty about hurting Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt seeks advice from Rabbi Feiglin (Jon Lovitz) and then saves the life of Mike (Derek Waters), a bike messenger who nearly choked on his gum.
55 6 Keaton October 22, 2013 3ATM06 3.74
Schmidt gets a series of recent e-mails from his favorite actor Michael Keaton, who has sent letters ever since he was a kid. However, it turns out those letters and e-mails were not from the actor himself but from Schmidt's mother and Nick. Cece indulges in nightly parties to get over her break up with Schmidt.
56 7 Coach November 5, 2013 3ATM07 3.85
Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) visits the apartment to spend a "guys night out" with the guys, after breaking up with his girlfriend. Nick going to a strip club with the guys, upsets Jess to the point that she has "girls night out" with Cece at the bar. While at the bar, Jess gets hit on by Artie (Taye Diggs), the owner of a coffee shop that she frequently goes to.
57 8 Menus November 12, 2013 3ATM08 3.36
After being denied permission to take her class to the beach, Jess focuses her attention on fighting Brian (Justin Chon), a Chinese restaurant owner who floods the apartment with his restaurant menus. Coach tries to get Nick in shape, Winston also tries to get involved in their workout, but keeps getting hurt. Schmidt starts to feel left out by the gang, now that he lives across the hall from them and Coach has moved into his room.
58 9 Longest Night Ever November 19, 2013 3ATM09 3.26
Schmidt becomes jealous when Coach and Cece go on a date, with Jess being left the responsibility of calming his nerves while the date is taking place. Nick accidentally loses Furguson, while Winston goes out. The cat is later found by Bertie (Jessica Chaffin), a woman that Winston becomes instantly attracted to.
59 10 Thanksgiving III November 26, 2013 3ATM10 3.51
To prove to Coach that Nick still has a secure manhood while dating Jess, the gang has Thanksgiving in the wilderness.
60 11 Clavado En Un Bar January 7, 2014 3ATM11 3.20
Jess gets a job offer to work at a museum, and has minutes to make her decision to take the job or not. The gang also helps her on her decision.
61 12 Basketsball January 14, 2014 3ATM13 3.24
Jess tries to become good friends with Coach by watching Detroit Pistons games with him and becoming a Pistons "fan". However Jess' "fandom" starts to interfere with her relationship with Nick, who is a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan. Winston agrees to shadow Schmidt at his marketing job, where Schmidt is later asked to guide Ed (Bob Gunton), a sixty-something intern, to avoid a company lawsuit over age discrimination.
62 13 Birthday January 21, 2014 3ATM12 3.75
Its Jess' birthday, with Nick planning out the entire day. Schmidt helps Cece be a better bartender, while she is continually being ridiculed by her co-worker Mike (Ben Falcone). Coach and Winston compete to bake the perfect birthday cake for Jess.
63 14 Prince February 2, 2014 3ATM15 26.30
Jess and Cece are invited to a party at a mansion held by Prince. Nick blurts out that he loves Jess, with Jess giving an unexpected response. As a result, Nick and the guys try to get into Prince's mansion so Nick can set the record straight with Jess.
64 15 Exes February 4, 2014 3ATM14 3.48
Jess tries to prove to Nick that exes can still be friends, by introducing him to her ex-boyfriend Berkley (Adam Brody). Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) returns, wanting an explanation from Nick for why he left her. Schmidt finally finishes decorating his new apartment, and then agrees to have Coach and Winston use it whenever they please.
65 16 Sister February 11, 2014 3ATM16 2.97
Jess is asked by her mother to pick up her troublesome older sister Abby (Linda Cardellini) from jail. Jess also tries to prevent Nick from meeting Abby, because of her sister's unruly behavior. Meanwhile, Nick accompanies Schmidt to a Bar Mitzvah, so Schmidt can go on a date with Rachael (Allyn Rachel), who is the daughter of Rabbi Feiglin, who dislikes Schmidt. Cece and Coach are the only ones that attend a soup dinner party held by Winston and Birdie.
66 17 Sister II February 18, 2014 3ATM17 2.84
When Abby announces that she is staying in the loft permanently, Jess then goes to find a safe place for Abby to live. Nick is then left to baby-sit Abby, while Jess looks for Abby's new place. Winston is nervous about looking at the results of his LAPD entrance exam.
67 18 Sister III February 25, 2014 3ATM18 2.93
Schmidt and Abby are now dating, with Abby also living in Schmidt's place. Feeling jealous about Schmidt and Abby's relationship, Jess decides to move into Nick's room, however, the living arrangement does not make either one of them happy. Cece begins treating Coach as just a friend, to the point that Coach begins acting feminine. Winston tries to get into physical shape to ace the LAPD obstacle course.
68 19 Fired Up March 11, 2014 3ATM20 2.48
Jess gets Coach a coaching job at her school, she must then fire him for budget reasons, after being promoted to vice principal. Schmidt gets sued and has Nick (who passed his bar exam) and Winston (who loves legal procedural shows), to represent him in a deposition. Cece gets hit on by a younger Australian guy named Buster (James Frecheville).
69 20 Mars Landing March 25, 2014 3ATM19 2.49
Still hung over from playing a game of True American the night before, Jess and Nick have a serious argument about their future together. Coach, Schmidt and Winston compete to get the attention of two attractive neighbors Michelle and Laurie (Alexandra Daddario and Stevie Nelson), who are moving into the building. Cece accidentally drunk texts Buster.
70 21 Big News April 15, 2014 3ATM21 2.19
Jess and Nick deal with the aftermath of their break up. Nick tries to not think about the break up by planning a "honey roast" for Winston to celebrate the news of him passing his police academy entrance exam. Jess seeks comfort from Cece, even though Cece is busy studying for her GED exam with help from Schmidt.
71 22 Dance April 29, 2014 3ATM22 2.20
Jess is tasked to organize her first middle-school dance but thinks someone is trying to sabotage her efforts, so she asks the guys to chaperone at the event.
72 23 Cruise May 6, 2014 3ATM23 2.40
Jess and Nick invite the gang along with them on a cruise they booked while still together as a couple. Coach tries to suppress his fear of boating, Schmidt attempts to win back Cece and Winston tries to mend Jess and Nick's fractured relationship.

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