Russell Shiller is a recurring character on FOX comedy New Girl. He is portrayed by Dermot Mulroney. Russell meets Jess in the season one episode "Fancyman (Part 1)". They date form "Fancyman (Part 2)" to the episode "Tomatoes". He is then shown again when Nick and Jess begin dating in the season two episode "First Date"


Russell sorta comes off as someone with the air of an actual cowboy. He's got magnetism, charm and is very opinionated and unafraid of confrontation.


Jess Day

Russell is Sarah's father, one of Jess's students. He meets with her to discuss the disturbing artwork his daughter has been making in class. After insisting that his daughter is pulled from the creative hour they are given in order to meet with a private tutor, the principal forces Jess to apologize for fear that he would pull his donation from the school.She refuses to apologize, and on her way to his office to tell him off, her car breaks down. He happens to spot her, and surprise Jess by not only helping her get her car towed, but loaning her a car in the process. He invites her to a barbeque at his house, and brings Nick along for support.


Russell was once married to Ouli and had a daughter with her. The two hate each other, and when they're in the same room together (as it happend in Tomatoes) they tend to do nothing but argue. There is still a lot of chemistry between them, which is something Jess realizes is lacking in her own relationship.

Nick Miller

Nick looked up to Russell and idolized him, describing him in 'First Date' as the only man he and Jess had both loved.


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