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Rochelle is the girlfriend of Spencer, Jess's cheating ex-boyfriend. She loves bikes, wearing funky hats, and singing along to the car stereo, all of which are things that Jess is known for. Her similarity to Jess clearly attracts Spencer, though he sees the two women as completely different people.

She appeared in the first two episodes of New Girl and is portrayed by Ashton Swinford.



Rochelle is first seen walking out of Spencer's bedroom in her underwear in New Girl's first episode, only to find Jess, naked, standing in Spencer's living room. Jess is equally surprised to see her emerge from the bedroom she's shared with Spencer, and promptly breaks up with the man she's dated for six years.

Jess moves into the loft two weeks after the break-up but struggles to move on after Spencer's betrayal.


Having lived in the loft for several weeks, Jess is playing a game of basketball in the living room with the guys. She accidentally breaks Nick's TV, and must finally confront Spencer to get back her remaining possessions. They've remained at his house since she left because she shared everything she owned with him. She tells the guys that she doesn't want to go back to see Spencer with his new girlfriend, whom he refers to as a "ho." But when she realizes that she's being unfair, she concedes that she could be a "really nice ho."

She meets Spencer in a nearby park, but she's unable to convince him to give her back her things. She asks how his new girlfriend is, and he says that things with Rochelle are great, because they both really love bikes. Jealous, as she also loves bikes, Jess thinks Rochelle's name makes her sound like a mermaid. She tries to ask Spencer when it would be a good time to get back her stuff, which she needs, and Spencer tells her that he needs something, too.

Unable to say no to him, Jess gets roped into driving Rochelle to the airport. Rochelle is polite, thanking Jess for the ride from the back seat before she and Spencer launch into an obnoxious rendition of "Bust A Move" together. Further, Jess promises in the spur of the moment but does not follow through due to the support of her friends, to pick her up again from the airport the following Sunday.