Robby dated Cece in Season 2, shortly after her breakup with Schmidt. He is portrayed by Nelson Franklin.


Robby is considered the nice guy, and comes off very genuine. He isn't affected by any of Schmidt's comments about his size or looks. He has never left California, doesn't like music, and leads a very simple life.


Robby goes to Schmidt's re-branding event with Cece, which is where Schmidt learns that the two are dating. He is referred to as 'the one shaped like a liberty bell'. Schmidt is drilling him with questions, trying to figure out why Cece would date someone like him.

He goes to the haunted house with the group, where Jess is working, as a ninja turtle. Schmidt's jealousy boils to the surface, in which Robby confronts him and blocks his constant head-butt attempts. They end up becoming friends as they bond over turkey legs.

In Menzies, Cece has issue with being called a 'nice girl' by Robby.

Robby meets up with Cece at the zoo in 'Eggs'. She has just found out about her limited time for having children and casually asks him for his thoughts on babies. He says he wants kids someday, in 10 years time. Cece later admits to him that she wants to start having kids right away, but breaks up with him after noticing he does not handle the news very well.

He starts stalking Cece in 'A Father's Love', which happens to be the same thing Schmidt is doing. The two bond over having feelings for Cece, and conspire together in getting her back. They end up crashing a meet-and-greet between the families of Cece and a potential suitor. They shout offensive things like "white guy power" before Cece kicks them out of her apartment.

He makes a brief appearance at Nick and Schmidt's TinFinity party, celebrating 10 years of living together. He is in line to use 'El bano presidente' while Nick is pressuring people to use his porta-potty.

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