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Remy is the landlord of the building where Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston live. He is a surly, middle-aged divorcee who scares his tenants, the gang included. As they get to know him, they begin to discover that he's hardly who he appears on the surface, though he may harbor a criminal past and might be a bisexual sex addict.

He has appeared in three episodes of New Girl and is portrayed by Jeff Kober.


Season One

The Landlord

On a mission to convince Nick that people aren't always as bad as they seem, Jess ignores the guys' wishes when one too many problems with the loft start to spring up, and she decides to ask their landlord to fix them. They warn her that he is a terrible human being, and Nick vows to quasi-fix things on his own rather than have the landlord come and fix them. Jess doesn't believe he could possibly be that bad, and though they beg her not to, she goes to find him in his dark, dingy basement office, where he's presumably also living.

Oblivious to the problems of the building, he generally intimidates people to get what he wants or to stop them bothering him about trivial matters with their apartments. Jess brings him a plate of cupcakes and asks him to fix some of the broken things in their apartment, and she notices a stick-figure drawing hanging on a nearby wall. She asks how old his kids are, but he doesn't have any - he says he drew the picture himself, and that it's a picture of him and his ex-wife. After Jess befriends him so the group could have the problems with the apartment fixed, he opens up, eventually announcing that he wished to have a threesome with Jess and Nick.

See Ya

When Nick moves out of the apartment, Remy comes out and says he loved the way Nick smelled, as he watches the truck leave with Jess.

Season Two


He shows up at the loft to help Jess and Winston repair Schmidt's damaged closet. Before he leaves, he asks Jess if there's anything else around the apartment that needs a look. He later appears again freeing Jess from the closet. Then he suggests at a threesome with Jess and Winston.

Remy's tattoo


  • A potential criminal past is hinted at when Remy wonders how Jess knew his name, asking nervously, "Did they call you?" ("The Landlord")
  • Remy has a tattoo on his left arm that says, Hello, my name is Remy.