Reagan Lucas is a character on New Girl. She is portrayed by Megan Fox.


Reagan is a very professional businesswoman, who shows a lot of strength in her interactions with people and is also very direct. This especially counters a lot of Nick's tendency to shy away from confrontation. She's not very adept at getting close to people and opening up emotionally, but her time in the loft inspires her to take risks in her relationships. This is the one area where she admits to not having faced the consequences in her past. Reagan was a classically trained ballerina, until she shattered both of her ankles, knees, and a little bit of her pelvis in an accident.

Reagan is first introduced after Jess leaves for jury duty and becomes the newest (but temporary) loftmate. Much to Schmidt's dismay, it is revealed that she and Cece had a fling years back. She is bisexual, and has a habit of hooking up with both men and women but never having a real relationship. When she is first introduced, she seeks Winston's help in officially breaking off her on-and-off relationship with a woman named Camilla.

Reagan and Nick begin dating during her stint in the loft, and continue to do so after she moves out. She travels often and doesn’t appear much after she moves out. Her relationship with Nick is complicated due to their mutual inability to express emotion or talk through issues. They eventually break up at the end of Season 6.


Season 5

Season 6