Paul Genzlinger


Portrayed by

Justin Long

Appearance Thanksgiving
Nickname(s) Paul, Violin
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown

Winston Bishop


Jessica Day (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jenn (Fiancee)

Occupation Elementary School Teacher

Paul Genzlinger is the musical theatre teacher at Jess' former school. He's a sensitive and amiable guy that plays the violin, and breaks into song at the drop of a hat, like Jess. He used to live with his grandmother, until she died shortly before Halloween 2011. The guys think he's a male version of Jess, and Nick dislikes him. He is the first guy Jess dates after Spencer, but they're only together a month before he tells her he loves her before Christmas, and they break up. He returns later in season one when Jess "backslides" into bed with him, a reaction to Nick getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, Caroline. At the time, he was engaged to an Asian version of Jess, named Jenn.

Episode Appearances


Almost being a male version of Jess, Paul usually breaks out in spontaneous singing. He enjoys Air Bud 2, loves dogs, and has a fondness for whistling. He is very kind towards others and likes to cheer people up.



  • Paul works at the same elementary school with Jess, as a teacher.
  • Paul used to spend every Thanksgiving with his grandmother.
  • His grandmother died about a month before Thanksgiving while he was running the Halloween play.
  • He can play the violin.
  • He and his grandmother would watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade together.
  • He likes Air Bud 2, loves dogs, and like to whistle.
  • He is an ugly crier.


  • (To Jess:) "My belly's wanting something, a pie made out of pumpkin, in every gobble gobble way-ay-ay."
  • (To Winston:) "It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Bet you're the bear who's bed is just right. Hmm."
  • (To Jess:) "When I was on that elevator ride from hell, the coroners told me to stop crying like a girl. I told them that was sexist."
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