"Two urinals! I'm rich!"
Outside Dave in the bathroom loft.

Outside Dave is a homeless guy who apparently hangs around the building where Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston live.


Little is known about Dave. In Parking Spot he is seen sleeping over the hood of Jess' car, claiming that he works so hard and just wants some sleep.

In "First Date", Winston and Schmidt convince him to go and ruin Jess and Nick's date in exchange for 25 minutes of TV and a home-cooked sandwich. He instead locks himself in the bathroom loft (calling it "the laboratory").

In "The Box", he is seen talking to Jess outside their building after Nick has thrown Jess's vintage purses out the window. Having collected all the discarded purses, he tells Jess she is "addicted to purses" and says he'll use different ones for different purposes. Just as Jess receives a call from Nick, Outside Dave exclaims, "I'm like a pretty lady!"


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Notes & Trivia

  • He likes coffee with 2% latte.
  • He owns a very damaged guitar.
  • He used to live with forty birds.


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