Operation: Bobcat is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of New Girl, the 132nd episode overall.


On Valentine's Day, Schmidt buys a new suit to try to impress his boss so he gets a promotion. However, when Cece surprises him to celebrate their "Bone-iversary", things don't go as planned, requiring help from Nick. Jess spends her Valentine's Day alone (and with Gordon Ramsay) trying to convince everyone that she isn't sad, while at the same time helping Winston propose to Aly.



Guest Starring


  • Jill Alexander as Loretta

Recurring Themes

  • Second time in the series that the Elvis Costello song "Alison" is sung for Aly. It was previously sung in the season 5 episode "Road Trip".
  • Schmidt and Cece refer to Valentine's Day as their "bone-iversary" because in the season 1 episode "Valentine's Day", it was the first time they hooked up.


Notes & Trivia

  • Winston was on stage 6 of his 21-stage proposal plan, including:
    • Malibu cactus picnic (done)
    • Erotic skywriting (cut)
    • Singing of "Alison" by LA Children's Choir (cut)
    • Get engagement ring in Atlanta (cut)
    • Operation Bobcat
  • Kim explains her crying on the roof as having met her birth mother.
  • Lamorne Morris went on to appear on Gordon Ramsay's show Hell's Kitchen where he attended the final dinner service of Season 17, which was also the All-Star edition.


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