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Main Cast
layout * [[Zooey Deschanel]] as '''[[Jess Day]]'''
'''Special Guest Stars''' followed by '''Recurring cast''' followed by '''Guest starring''' followed by '''Co-Starring''' (only add categories where relevant)
subcategories in '''bold'''
use {{Quote}} or {{Dialogue}}
Notes and Trivia
eg. song title | ARTIST NAME
Notes and references
<ref>[ Something About DC Article Title] (Month Year)</ref>


Content is written as a journey essay for the characters — not necessarily just a list of the plots we know, but how the character in question reacted and analysis of their actions/motivations etc.

Check the galleries for photos that may add to the character's story analysis.

Page names are always the name characters go by in the series ie. Jess' page is Jess Day, not Jessica. Additional details are put in the infobox.


Photos are a minimum of 300x400 and high quality, with exceptions such as rare high quality photos that may be a bit smaller. However, no smaller than 200x300 minimum.

They are to be divided into two or more characters in the season galleries, eg. Season 2/Gallery, whilst single shots/character photos are put in the respective character galleries eg. Jess Day/Gallery

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