Nadia is a recurring character on New Girl. She is portrayed by Rebecca Reid.


Cece's model friend and former roommate. She is originally from Russia, but escaped at age 12 and moved in with Cece. She dated Schmidt in Season 1 which resulted in him breaking his penis.


Nadia makes her first appearance in "Secrets" when she helps Cece hide Schmidt under the couch cushions to hide their relationship from Jess. After she leaves, Nadia starts chanting "Jew in the couch!" Cece reminds her to have 'American manners,' to which she corrects herself and says "Jew 'person' in the couch."

In "Tomatoes", Schmidt goes out on a date with Nadia to get back at Cece for brushing him off earlier. Nadia talks about the things she likes, including "1-800-SLIM, Tosh 2.0," & strawberry. She then accuses Schmidt of being "Mick Mouse" after he eats a slice of cheese, which prompts some yelling and miming since Schmidt doesn't understand her accent. Schmidt later ends up in the hospital after the two attempted to have sex and she broke his penis.

In "Models", Nadia goes to a club with Cece, Jess, and the other models, for Cece's birthday. She spends most of the time making fun of Jess for looking like a monkey that appears in a Russian cracker commercial. She then attends Cece's surprise bachelorette party.

In "Girl Fight" we find out that Nadia is pregnant, although she doesn't know who the father is, so she calls it her 'little sex party miracle.' Cece throws her a baby shower in their shared apartment.


  • She escaped a Russian gymnasia school at age 12. ("The Apartment")
  • She is 6 years younger than Cece. ("The Apartment")
  • She came to America looking for 'beer party and bed for sleeping.'("The Apartment")
  • She isn't considerate of other peoples' feelings.
  • Like apparently all models, she drinks alcohol through her butt hole.
  • She throws Cece a Russian Bachelorette party. ("A Chill Day In")
  • She has one child with an unknown father.


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