The loft is where Nick, Jess, Schmidt, and Winston live. It is numbered apartment 4D. Coach lived there while Winston played overseas basketball, but moved out in time for Winston to move back in after the pilot. The loft is the primary filming location for almost all New Girl episodes.

The building is managed by a surly landlord named Remy, who is unimpressed when he discovers that the guys have converted the three-bedroom loft into four bedrooms to further split the rent. But he lets it slide when they agree to paint over Schmidt's sex collage inside the master bedroom closet. Due to the guys' fear of Remy and refusal to ask him for help, the loft has many semi-functioning utilities that Nick would rather quasi-fix on his own than spring for a repairman, because of the cost.

In the third season, Schmidt is seeking personal space as he begins to face the issues that make him so douchey, so he moves his belongings, including the Douchebag Jar, into the empty apartment 4C across the hall. However, apartment 4D then welcomed Coach back as he ended his 2 year relationship with his girl friend presumably.

The building where exterior shots are filmed is located at 836 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, United States. This building is not a loft, but a commercial building available for rent.

Other tenants in the building include:

  • Mrs. Beverly, who lived across the hall from the loft in apartment 4C. She is found dead in her bathroom by the gang on "Thanksgiving," after they come to use her kitchen to cook dinner, while they assume she's out of town to visit her sister. She and Jess exchanged keys to water one another's plants and collect mail.
  • Four hipsters in their young 20s named Chaz, Fife, Sutton, and Brory move into Mrs. Beverly's old apartment in "Neighbors." They revel in their ambiguous sexual relationships with one another and cannot stand Schmidt, but love Jess. They move out long before the start of season three, and the gang jokes that it's because the ghost of Mrs. Beverly haunts the apartment.
  • A scowly woman with a very large dog, that scratches at the loft door and makes Jess think an intruder is attempting to get in, in "Cooler." She had ordered a tan trench coat that was incorrectly delivered to the gang's apartment. Nick took to wearing it constantly, despite the fact it was clearly a woman's coat. She's not at all impressed that he's been wearing it when she takes it back.
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