Jamie Miller is Nick's younger brother. He currently lives in Chicago.


He comes off as unintelligent, making the incorrect references like 'popping my cherry' when being punched. He is also somewhat irresponsible, which comes from the entire family always relying on Nick to take care of them when Walt wasn't around. He doesn't get along very well with his cousin, Bobby, as the two constantly argue when present.


He is first mentioned in Backslide as being once married, and now divorced. When he is introduced for the first time in Chicago, he has a girlfriend. Before leaving for LA, Jamie asks Nick if he plans on getting married anytime soon. Nick reminds him that brothers don't have to get married in order, due to his excitement he quickly proposes to his girlfriend and comes rushing back to Nick to punch him in the balls.


  • There is a continuity issue on Jamie being married in the past, and engaged now. Nick mentions being his brother's best man in a previous episode, and that he'll have another shot since that marriage failed. The conversation he has with Nick in Chicago about the order of brothers getting married creates a disconnect in the story line. Either Jamie completely forgot about his 1st marriage, or there is another Miller brother.
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