Injured is the 15th episode of Season 1 on FOX comedy New Girl.


Nick injures himself after a game of football in the park and refuses to see a doctor because of his lack of insurance. Jess takes him to see an her OB/GYN friend, Sadie, for treatment. However, the diagnosis is much serious than anyone expects, and it causes him to evaluate his life and friends. Meanwhile, Winston must make a decision about his car, and Schmidt and Cece's relationship opens up to a more emotional side



Guest Starring


  • Ben Hoffman as Sherman
  • Craig Anstett as Gyno Guy
  • Lyn Alicia Henderson as Hospital Recptionist


The roommates are playing a game of football in the park. Schmidt gives direction to each of them in the huddle, with Jess's being "run all the way to the end and we'll meet you in the parking lot." Jess doesn't listen and she continues to play the game, which ends when she tackles Nick to the ground. He hurts his back from the impact and cannot get up. Trying to play it cool, Nick gets in his car attempting to drive off, but he runs his car into Winston's. Winston gets upset, however his car is being held up by paper clips and duct tape, Nick even undid one of the dents from the accident. Jess demands he get in her car to see her friend, who is a doctor. Nick has no health insurance so he has no choice. When they get to the doctor's office, Nick notices pictures of pregnant women on the walls, and pregant women in the waiting room. He figures it out and confirms with Jess if her friend is a gynacologist, which she responds "She's and OBGYN, there's a difference." He tries to get up and leave, but his injured back prevents him from doing so. Instead, Jess insists that he tab his favorite pages from a Lucky magazine.

Sadie comes in to check on Nick, she examines his back and tells him because this isn't an official evaluation, he did not bruise his spine. She also isn't giving him pills to ease the pain. As he is taking the medication, Sadie notices a lump on his neck and asks if she could take a look at it. She claims its a growth and that he should get it checked out. She sets him up with an ultrasound with a friend for the next day.


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