Hostess is a guest character on FOX comedy New Girl. She is portrayed by Hayley Marie Norman.


The Hostess is a young, beautiful woman who works at a classy restaurant in Los Angeles. She's working the night that Jess gets stood up, on her first date after breaking up with Spencer.

The hostess takes pity on Jess, who has been stood up and allows her to sit at the table eating free bread for a few hours until she needs the table to seat other guests. Jess is on the verge of tears, but Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Coach arrive at the restaurant and explain to the hostess that they are reverse Mormons, and are all there for a date with Jess. The hostess doesn't believe them, but she lets it go knowing that Jess has had a bad night.

Moments later, she's forced to intervene when Jess' new roommates try to cheer her up by singing "(I've Had) The Time of my Life" from Dirty Dancing at top volume. Thinking of the other guests, the hostess sternly tells the roommates that they all have to leave, which they do, happily, without further incident.


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