Nick and Jess sit by a lot of handbells.

A handbell is a bell designed to be rung by hand. To ring a handbell, a ringer grasps the bell by its slightly flexible handle — traditionally made of leather, but often now made of plastic — and moves the wrist to make the hinged clapper inside the bell strike. An individual handbell can be used simply as a signal to catch people's attention or summon them together, but handbells are generally heard in tuned sets.


Ringing the handbell is one of Jess' favorite activities. She teaches students who don't want to go detention how to play them. During a dull handbell session, Winston Bishop suprises the group with his skill. He says it's the first time he's ever played them and that he just picks things up easily. Jess tries to make him get the students involved in the handbell band. The group later goes to a handbell recital.

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