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Gina is the mother of Elvin and is also Schmidt's boss.


She did not like Schmidt for the longest time, until he came to her baby shower. While at the baby shower, Schmidt pushed her into the pool and everyone thought she was dead. She then jumped up and screamed that she was having a great time.

She later had an office Christmas party. She saw her son talking to Winston Bishop and was surprised that Elvin was talking to him. After her son heard Schmidt say that he killed Santa, Elvin ran off. He was found by Winston. Gina told Winston that she would pay him a lot of money to look after her son.

Winston is later seen hanging out with Elvin, and even though Elvin cared about Winston being his nanny he thought that Winston should stick to his regular job. So in an attempt to get Winston to stay at his talk radio job Elvin tells his mother that Winston wanted to smoke weed. Gina then fires Winston and tells Winston to never talk to her son again.

She is then seen in Julie Berkman's Older Sister, as Schmidt wanted the sponge account. At first, she hesitated to give him the account, and instead gave it to another female co-worker, but after Schmidt begged her, she relented. During the focus group, Gina gets upset and tells everyone that since the focus group is rigged, Schmidt loses the sponge account. Nick feels bad for Schmidt and comes to the rescue by coming into Gina's office and proposing a good catch line for the sponge account.


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