Gavin (aka DJ Dia-beat-it) is a self-centred European dance music DJ, with a face tattoo in the shape of a cluster of stars. He has diabetes. He is dating Cece in the season one episode "Cece Crashes," until she breaks up with him for making out with another woman.

He appeared in one episode of New Girl's first season, and is portrayed by Edin Gali.


Cece Crashes

Cece is screaming at Gavin inside a nightclub, having just caught him making out with another girl. He tries to insist they were just talking, but Cece doesn't believe him. She's called Jess to come get her, and when Jess arrives she's not at all shocked to discover that he cheated. At Cece's urging, Jess joins her in chastising him, though her indignation is much less severe.

Gavin, who's had enough of the argument, tells both of the women to leave, because they're crowding his booth. Still angry, and a little bit drunk, Cece rips open his low v-neck black t-shirt, infuriating him. "You ripped my favorite deep-V!" he cries, as Jess tries to hurry Cece out of the club before things escalate. "It's just a deeper V!" she calls back. Seething, Gavin returns to his turntables once they leave.

As the girls hail a cab outside, Cece second guesses her decision to break up with Gavin, considering him a "really nice guy." Jess, on the other hand, isn't a fan, and sarcastically cracks that he's a really nice European DJ with a face tattoo. Cece asks to crash at Jess' loft for a few days. She's afraid to go back to her own place because, though she and Gavin had only been together for three weeks, he'd "kinda" been living in the apartment she shares with her model roommates.

During her action-packed weekend at the loft, she and Jess discuss their different approaches to romance, and use Gavin as an example of Cece's tendency to rush into things, while Jess prefers to take things almost too slow. Because she dislikes Gavin, Jess makes fun of his DJ name, which he uses because he has diabetes. Discovering this makes Jess feel guilty for making fun, but Cece assures her that he's fine, and manages his disease with medication.

Once Cece returns home after crashing at the loft, it's presumed that Gavin has left her apartment and is never heard from again.


  • He uses the name 'DJ Dia-beat-it' professionally because he has diabetes, which he manages well with medication.
  • He loves deep v-neck t-shirts.
  • While it is established that he is European, it's never specified where in Europe he is from. The actor who plays him, however, is Bosnian.
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