"Engram Pattersky" is the eighth and final episode in the seventh season of New Girl, and the one-hundred-forty-sixth overall. It aired on May 15, 2018.


The gang takes a trip down memory lane, which includes a final round of "True American".


One month after getting married, Nick and Jess call Cece, Schmidt and Winston to inform them that they're being evicted by "Engram Pattersky", along with everyone else on the building. Jess tries to make everyone express their feelings about leaving the loft forever. Although the others have already let go, they see how much it means to Jess, so they go along with her activity, nostalgically going through old items and also trying things they have never done at the loft before. They then play "The True American Drinking Game: Packing Edition", during which a flash-forward is shown of them and their kids playing the game. After the truck is loaded, Winston reveals that the eviction was an elaborate hoax: "Engram Pattersky" is an anagram for "My Greatest Prank". Nick and Jess decide to move anyway, and the group drove off together in the moving truck.



Guest Starring


  • Jonny Berryman as Dan Bill
  • Isabella Marino as Older Ruth
  • Nolan River as Reginald Veljohnson
  • Joseph Krull as Moses
  • Carmello Christian as Bishop Kid #1
  • Blake Anthony Crawford as Bishop Kid #2
  • Somali Rose as Bishop Kid #3
  • Amir Toussaint as Bishop Kid #4
  • Gabriella Celine as Bishop #5


  • The title comes from the fake company Winston created. To evict Nick and Jess from the loft, as a prank.
    • Engram Pattersky can be rearranged to say 'my greatest prank'.
  • This episode showed a flash forward sequence.
    • The gang played a game of The True American Drinking Game while packing up the loft, and a flash forward suggests they will play the game with their kids.
    • It showed that Aly and Winston could have six kids, Cece and Schmidt have two and Nick and Jess have a son.
  • Jess and Nick move out of the loft.
  • When Schmidt finds Nick's box labeled "Gross Stuff," a box of peppermint foot lotion that Schmidt has gifted him for years, Nick exclaims, "You just opened Pantera's Box." This is continuation of the long running gag that Nick uses the wrong words in common phrases, combining the heavy metal band Pantera with the mythological Pandora's Box.


Generic Jake The Curse Of The Pirate Bride Engram Pattersky Season 7 New Girl

Generic Jake The Curse Of The Pirate Bride Engram Pattersky Season 7 New Girl

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