Eduardo went to middle school with Jess and Cece. He spoke broken English and had a crush on Jess, but she assumed that he only liked Cece, because most boys they went to school with did.


Cece Crashes

In a flashback, Eduardo gives preteen Jess a homemade Valentine with her name written on it in gold glitter, which she thinks is meant for Cece because all the boys like her. "Jess!" Eduardo insists, which Jess mistakes for the word 'yes.' She says she'll give the Valentine to Cece, and Eduardo is insistent. "No - Jess!" he cries, and when she verifies that it's not meant for Cece, he responds in Spanish - "Si! Si!" - which only confuses Jess more. Realizing that he's getting nowehere, he takes off down the hallway in tears, with Jess holding the Valentine and still totallly oblivious.

Years later, Cece and Jess are talking about Nick, and Cece thinks he's into Jess. But Jess is in denial and insists they're just friends, so Cece calls her on it. "This is classic Eduardo!" she opines, managing to convince Jess that Nick might be into her - news she doesn't exactly handle that well, because it overwhelms her.


  • Eduardo is one of only a few characters who have appeared on the show solely through flashbacks. Other characters with this distinction include Mysteria and Octopussy, Mick Jagger, and Teddy.
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