Daisy was the former romantic interest for Winston Bishop. It was undetermined whether or not they are an official couple. Their relationship ended when Daisy admitted to already being involved with someone else.


Daisy and Winston met at the bar after the guys were kicked out of a dance club. Winston found himself nervous around girls, and after a failed attempt at hitting on Holly he walked away in defeat. He ended up sitting next to Daisy, which she commented on how embarassing that was for him. He started to choke up again, but she quickly flashed an engagement ring and told him to relax.

Because he thought there was no chance with her, Winston was able to talk to her with ease. Daisy decided to accept the challenge to get Winston out of his rut with women, and continued to coach him the rest of the night. After things were winding down back at the loft, she revealed to Winston that she was single, only wearing a ring so that guys do not hit on her in bars. She asked him what he was going to do about it, which he responded by kissing her.

In Parking Spot, Daisy invites Winston over for sex but he arrives late for her as her neighborhood is very complex, and all the apartments look alike. She then discovers that he forgot a condom and sends him off to get one. Winston leaves his wallet and pants at her house but later forgets where she lives despite finding one.

In Nerd, Winston is looking after Daisy's cat and decides to ask Daisy if they can be exclusive. When arriving at Daisy's apartment he hears he shower on and finds a shoe. Daisy says that the shoe is hers and that she was about to get in the shower. Winston asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Then Winston hears the shower turn off and the toliet flush. Later on Winston comes to the conclusion that daisy is cheating on him. SO to get back at her he tries to come up with ways to kill her cat. In the end, when Daisy comes over to pick her cat up, Winston confronts her about the cheating and she says that she is sleeping with someone. In reply Winston says that he deserves someone better and so does her cat. So he takes her cat back and leaves.


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