The gangs main hang out spot outside of the Loft is a local bar known as The Griffin. Nick Miller works as a bartender there, but eventually buys it with Schmidt and becomes the co-owner and main manager. It is notorious for not having any signs indicating that it is the bar, other than a cryptic neon griffin. Before founding Cece's Boys (a modeling agency) Cece also works as a bartender at the Griffin, but proves to have little knowledge about making drinks.

In Quick Hardening Caulk (season 2 episode 19), Nick indicates his first managerial ambitions by establishing "Guy's Night." An evening where a bucket of nachos costs 33$, but guys drink for free. The event itself proves not financially feasible, but sows the seeds of Nick's future co-ownership. We also see Nick in a relationship with the then manager Shane, a high-powered business woman interested in Nick because he is not like anyone she dated in business school. Jess, who has a developing crush on Nick, is thrown by the ambiguous name of Shane, thinking the manager is a man and taken by surprise when Nick is involved with her.

Many other pivotal moments take place at the Griffin, including Jess meeting Sam (Katie season 2 episode 2) and making decisions about her professional future (Clavado En Un Bar season 3 episode 11), Rhonda pranking Winston, Cece deciding to become a modeling agent, and much more.

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