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"I brought you a gift. ... I found this place on 3rd Street where you can design your own perfume: Base notes of cocoa because of your brown...ness, sea salt because it kind of sounds like "Cece," and sandalwood - Sandalwood, always up to no good!"
—Schmidt describes how he made the perfume.

Cecelia Number 5 was Cece's Christmas gift from Schmidt in "The 23rd." It smelled disgusting but was homemade, so Cece tried to appreciate it.


Cece Perfume

Cece's reaction to the perfume.

He gives it to her at a modelling shoot for a Bolivian diet pill, while she is dressed in nothing but a black bathing suit, and he commends himself for not staring at her breasts the entire time he's there to drop off her present. He gives her the present in a brown paper bag.

It is a perfume he designed himself at a shop on Third Street, with different scents that remind him of Cece. It includes base notes of cocoa, sea salt, and sandalwood, but smells terrible. Cece is still grateful because it's a sweet idea, and wears it to impress him at Schmidt's office Christmas party. Schmidt agrees that the perfume stinks, remarking that it smells a dirty dish towel.

While the group is driving Nick to the airport to catch his flight home for the holidays, the others are forced to sit in the packed car with the rough-smelling perfume. Winston remarks that it smells so bad that it actually makes you want to smell it again.

After that the perfume did not resurface, and was presumably discarded on account of it's horrific smell.