Cecelia Meyers, nicknamed Cece, is a professional model and also the best friend of Jessica Day. She is loving but blunt and gives good dating advice. Her parents are of Indian descent, something Schmidt finds attractive. She also likes to go out to clubs sometimes and dance.


After wanting to wow her boyfriend, Jess went to Cece for advice. Cece told Jess to strip down in front of her boyfriend and surprise him by coming home early from work. However, Jess discovered that Spencer was cheating on her.


  • Cece is portrayed by Hannah Simone.
  • She's from Oregon.
  • She grew up with Jess.
  • She may have some bit of history as being a maneater.
  • Cece and Schmidt dated for a little while, until she found out that he read through her phone because he was paranoid that she had intrest in Gino, her partner in a photo shoot.


  • (To Schmidt:) "I have two people in my phone who could kill you. Literally."



Jess and Cece are best friends. They met when they were young. They have a good friendship, and Cece is the one to usually give Jess advice. They're always there for eachother when they need it. Cece didn't always tell Jess her secrets, as Jess told Cece all of hers. Before Jess had moved in with the guys, she lived with Cece and her model friends.


Schmidt and Cece dated for a little while. Before they dated, they frequently slept with eachother, mostly keeping it a secret from the rest of the gang. Cece only wanted it to stay a secret because she thought people would judge her, and because she liked him, but she wasn't ready to admit it to herself until she told him when he was in the hospital. They broke up because Schmidt checked her phone while Gino, her partner in a photo shoot, was texting her. Schmidt got paranoid because he thought Cece and Gino had something going on with each other romantically.


Nick and Cece seem to be good friends. They met on the Pilot episode. Nick didn't act as attracted to Cece as Schmidt and Coach did when they interviewed her. Cece seems to think Nick is into Jess. When Nick and the others thought he might have Cancer, Cece was the most calm about it.


Cece and Winston seem to be good friends, and before Winston and Shelby dated, he thought Cece was attractive. In Cece Crashes, he and Schmidt seemed to be competing over who could get Cece. Cece took more interest in Schmidt, though. Winston questioned why Cece would sleep with Schmidt when he found out, seeing them in the back of Schmidt's car while he was driving to see Shelby.

Cece's Magazine Interview

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