Buster, is a recurring character on Season 3 of FOX comedy New Girl. He is portrayed by James Frecheville.


Buster is a 20-years-old Australian who has a crush on Cece and they later start dating. He is from Perth


Season 3

Fired Up

Buster first comes in to the bar where Nick and Cece works and meets Cece and begins to have a crush on her. Cece'sboss kicks him out when he finds out that he's 20 and has a fake ID.

Later Buster comes back to find Cece and ask her on a date, and she agrees. They got their first date.

Mars Landing

Cece has a crazy night with his friends at Jess's apartment and she drunk texts Buster, telling him a lot of crazy stuff. She is nervous about it and in the end of the episode, Buster comes to Jess's apartment and tell her that he kind of freaked out but he likes her.



Cece Parekh

They first met at the bar where Cece works and they start dating in the same episode (Fired Up). They dated briefly at the end of season 3, but split sometime during Cece's 4 month vacation with him in Australia.



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