The Before Girl is a plus-sized model who resembles Cece. Her real name is unknown. She worked with Cece on an ad for Elgatrex, a Bolivian diet pill, in the episode "The 23rd." Cece was the "After Girl."

She appeared in one episode of New Girl's first season and is portrayed by Aline Elasmar.


The Before Girl has long dark hair with bangs, olive skin, and big brown eyes, and sits down next to Cece during a break from shooting their diet pill ad, holding a magazine. She tells Schmidt that she's the "before" girl for the shoot, which doesn't surprise body-conscious Schmidt in the slightest. She's there, along with Kyle, to witness Schmidt giving Cece her Christmas present - a handmade perfume he's named Cecelia No.5. She also listens intently as he describes his odd reasons for selecting the scents that he did - cocoa, because of her brown-ness, sea salt, because it sounds like Cece, and sandalwood, because it's always up to no good.

Cece thanks him for the gift and the sweet sentiment, but Kyle interrupts the moment to hurry the two girls back to work.

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