Bearclaw is a recurring character on FOX comedy New Girl. He is portrayed by Josh Gad.


Bearclaw works with Andy making bar deliveries and Nick finds him hilarious. His real name is unknown.


Jess and Andy are flirting, when Bearclaw interrupts by introducing himself. He tries to flirt with Jess as well, however ends up fumbling his words "Look me up, I'm in the phone booth." Jess asks Nick to give Andy her number, but he misunderstands her request and gives Bearclaw her number instead. Thinking she has been texting Andy, they set up a date together that night while exchanging dirty texts in between. Jess realizes the mixup when Bearclaw shows up, excited to see her 'meatbar' (dirty text was autocorrected). She jumps on the phone with Nick to scold him.

Bearclaw shows her the tattoo on his lower back, that he did on himself. It looks like a child's drawing of a pawprint. It is the source of his nickname, and he arches his back to show her the claws 'contracting'. He also pours his heart out to her, coming on incredibly strong. Jess finds a way out of the date by claiming she is sick "in her face". She instead meets up with Sam in the bar's restroom, which Bearclaw and Andy later catch her in. Jess explains everything about the mixup, but Bearclaw breaks down from a broken heart, claiming he 'loved' her. Nick tries to cheer him up, stating that he would have taken him to the bathroom stall over Sam or Andy. It doesn't help.



  • Bearclaw was inspired by one of the writer's experiences, having dated a guy by the same nickname.
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