Often referred to as "Ass Strat," Associated Strategies is the marketing company where Schmidt works. He is the only male at the office and is detested and often humiliated by his female coworkers. During the course of the show he works for a few different bosses, one of whom he has a relationship with and another, Gina, has a small quirky son, Elvin, that Winston becomes a nanny for. One of Schmidt's first big accounts is Double V, a company selling vodka infused with vitamins. Later, he strives to be given an account selling sponges to men. To secure it, he rigs a focus group by having Nick and Coach join and discuss how much men like cleaning. While this fails, he ultimately comes up with a marketing scheme that (at least temporarily) convinces Nick that cleaning is important.

Associated Strategies hosts an annual Christmas party, at which Schmidt is often required to dress up as "sexy Santa."

Schmidt temporarily loses his job in season 6 when his boss realizes that he has been using the men's bathroom as a wedding planning center for his and Cece's wedding.