Andy Scott Harris (born February 11, 1998) is an American actor. He portrayed the Groaning Boy in the "Pilot" episode of Fox's New Girl.


Harris was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but moved to Minneapolis with his family very young. He began performing in commercials and industrial films at age four, after being spotted by an agent in a talent show. By age seven, he had decided that acting was his true calling. He moved with his family to Los Angeles in 2008 and immediately booked the lead in the award-winning short film The Closet. TV guest appearances on House, Men of a Certain Age, and New Girl followed, and in 2013 he co-starred in the web series Jedi Camp.

He has appeared in numerous short films, and in 2011 won a Young Artist Award as Best Performance in a Short Film, for Alone.

Andy is a stand-up comedian with the comedy troupe "Standing Tall Comedy Kids & Teens", and regularly performs at the Improv Comedy Club. He is said to posess a natural, organic acting style, charismatic personality, and has developed a "one-take wonder" reputation on set.


  • Skipped second grade, and at age 8 he could read at a 12th Grade level.
  • Can do a unique trick with his ears, "Ear Origami," where he tucks his ear inside his ear, as seen on ""
  • Cloris Leachman complimented Andy on his acting on the set of Love Takes Wing for convincingly playing a sick orphan. Little did she know that he really was sick - suffering in the heat while wearing a heavy union suit, covered by wool blankets in 100 degree weather.
  • On the set of House, in one scene Andy was supposed to clumsily spill juice in his sick teacher's lap. On the first take he ran onto the scene, knocked the juice over precisely with his arm and doused the actress in the face and all over her front. The director liked the take so much he kept it, and dubbed Andy the "One Take Wonder."
  • His babysitter was the well-recognized script supervisor and magician, Amelia Kanan.
  • Andy played lead guitar in the rock band Wye.
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